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The Supreme Court of the Republic of Lithuania


Referatas anglų kalba. Lietuvos aukščiausiasis teismas. Jo funkcijos ir kompetencija. A Competence and Functions of the Lithuania Supreme Court. The Duties of the Chief Justice and the Chairmen of the Chambers of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Apparatus. International Relations. Comparing Lithuania Supreme Court with the United States Supreme Court.


The Republic of Lithuania is located in the geographical center of Europe, but considered an eastern European country. Lithuania shares borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad region), and the Baltic Sea. There are about three and a half million people living in Lithuania. Total area size is about 65 200 km². Lithuanian Litas is a currency in the country. The Biggest city is Vilnius, which is the capital as well. National language is Lithuanian.
The name of Lithuania was first mentioned in written sources in 1009. The reunification of the few then existing Duchies, established by Balts’ tribes began in the X century and lapsed in the XII century. At the end of the XIII century, the Great Duchy of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste) originated. Between the XIII and XIV century, the GDL developed into a powerful military country, which included the territory of the entire southwestern part of Eastern Europe. In 1569, Lithuanian land and Poland were united according to the Act of the Lublian Union. The confederation of the two counties was then called the Republic of Both Nations and had the same parliament and chief. After the third dismemberment of the Republic of Both Nations in 1795, the biggest part of the current Lithuanian territory was annexed by Russia. On February 16, 1918, Lithuania announced the re-creation of the state and, in May of 1920, Lithuanian republic was established. Soviet Union occupied and appended Lithuania in 1940. After the 1986 movement of Lithuanian reformation, the country started to seek for independence, which was restored on March 11, 1990. Lithuania was then the first country to announce the secession from the Soviet Union. In 1991, Lithuania joined United Nations, NATO in 2004, and European Union the same year. The effectual constitution of today’s Republic of Lithuania was adopted in October 25, 1992. Today the Republic of Lithuania is getting closer to the states of Western Europe, with which since the 13th century Lithuania has ties of cultural and religious identity as well as historically common tendencies and experience of development of law, legal system and economy.
Lithuanian republic is a multiparty parliamentary democracy. ...

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