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European Community Law


Darbas anglų kalba. Europos Bendrijų teisė. European law. Justice Law. The Court of Justice. Situacijos analizė: Rahi has parked his car in the place, when he was advised twice not to park there.


"By pooling basic production and by instituting a new High Authority, whose decisions will bind France, Germany and other member countries, this proposal will lead to the realization of the first concrete foundation of a European federation indispensable to the preservation of peace. To promote the realization of the objectives defined, the French Government is ready to open negotiations on the following bases." ( Robert Shuman 1950)
These words were announced by Robert Schuman in 1950 the 9th of May. It have given the beginning to something what we see now, where we go now and who we want to become – a part of European Union. It was a long and hard way to get to European Union, but at this moment it is an example of how member states have to live and what they can reach in the world. This friendship model of European Union is not ideal, therefore it can not be ideal anyway. This type of coorporation is optimal. For this vision to be established and to work there was necessary to create a structure, in which all established institutions would share law and duties, functions and responsibilities. A lot of things were done by law experts to create a functional government.
This essay is the analysis of European Union law environment, which is very important for its members who try to participate in it as a competent member, avoid discrimination and to become an example not only for other European Eunion members, but also for other members, which are not EU members yet, but are hoping to become one of them.
The main Community principes of law are one of the law sources. In their explanations European Court of Justice uses the principes of law, coming from member states law environment, law conceptions and concepts. There is no accord for the list of those principes, but they were mentioned once and the Court of Justice had used it:
• Predictability
• Legitimate suspense
• Proportion
• The principle of discrimination
• Respect for processing Law
In European Union agreement the common human rights are guaranteed according to the European human rights and common freedom security convention written in 1950 and accepted as a common European Law principle. What is more, in EU agreement there was first time mentioned the common EU Law principles idea.
EU Law can be positive or negative. Positively it can be defined as a summation of rules, which substantively comes from its sources, regulates EU proceeding and politics. Shortly it can be:
• Intergovernmental agreements and conventions
• Acts accepted by the institutions of community
• Common Law principles, which are applicable by explaining and filling agreements and Law acts.
• Decisions, accredited by EU and national magisterial institutions.
Community Law is a Law system created by European Communities establishments’ contracts, which is not only between countries, but also the common inner Law for all member states. It is possible to value European law as international type of Law, but its content, measure and resources make it different, separate Law system. In the agreements Community Law involves and regulates Communities, its institutions, member states, it’s juridical and physical member’s rights and duties. Since European Communities establishment, the Law extent of the Community little by little is spreading. At the very beginning there were dominating only with economy related law standards and principles, however now it contains even bigger and bigger relationship spectrum (environment control, social security, justice internal). ...

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