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Business law in Lithuania


Introduction. Corporate legal framework for the selection and registration form. Businnes support and encouragement to Lithuania. Public support. Big businnes support. Specialized national and international organizations support. The Establishment of the European Union the legal regulation. European Communities corporate law harmonization. Corporate law acquis communautaire. The Establishment of the Company. European Community company law harmonization. European Company. European Company establishment way. European Company liqudation.


Lithuanian road to market is not easy: the lack of good managers, economists, international economic law expert. Without them, it is difficult to integrate both the West and the East Farms. Requires specialists who understand at least the alphabet of business organization, capable of working on computers, learning a foreign language, know the most important partner country customs and so on. Of course, not forget the Lithuanian legislation, regulations and business organization.
In our work discussed Lithuanian legal acts which regulate the business establishment, and eradication of the organism. Continue to discuss business ventures, the body and the liquidation of the European Union.

The term "business" is always associated with the term "company" or its replacement by another (the company, a joint stock company, corporation, company, etc.).. without a doubt, this is not the same. However, according to the Lithuanian Republic general corporate law. Its Article 2 of the "enterprise" reads: "The company is a trade name with a unit set up in accordance with the laws of certain commercial and economic activities. The company is based and the real, financial and intangible assets of its duties and rights of assembly. The company as a legal entity (owner) may have a legal right or a person to act as a natural person. " Clearly, the definition is not ideal, as a commercial activity, it seems, are also economic activity.
The main legal documents regulating the business, its organization and the conditions are:
The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania. It fixed, that the nations economy is based on the person enshrined private property, free and enterprising business activity;
The Republic of Lithuania on Companies Act regulates liability (private limited) company creation, reorganization, liquidation, management and operations, shareholders' rights and responsibilities;
Lithuanian Republic of the general business law requires entities entitled to his own brand to engage in economic activities and the establishment of legal frameworks;
Lithuanian Customs Tariff Act establishes the customs duties, and their possession of customs tariffs on exported and imported goods up, validation and application procedures. Applies to all natural and legal persons engaged in the export and import operations;
Republic of Lithuania, the personal income tax law. It is the income associated with employment, unincorporated (private) companies and partnerships of income, the royalty of science, literature, art and other items, income and economic activities as well as other business tax regime. ...

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