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Introduction-History. Gender Relations in the Law Firm. A Glimpse to Personal Lives. Motherhood in the Law Firms. Glass ceiling. Efforts to Make Life at Law Firms Better. Last word.


The popular image of women as subdued and passive changed rapidly as they pressed collectively and individually for broader participation in American society during past decades. It was beginning of wide-ranging changes in women’s roles that have affected most institutions of society, including the family, the economy, education, religion, and law, the focus of this research project. What women are, what they want, and what they ought to do and be are the questions in my mind. I deeply believe that women have been poorly represented among those groups that receive rewards and privilege in this society, and whose work is regarded as the most interesting. Few women were found among CEO’s, among the ranks of professionals in medicine, law, and the sciences—the manipulators of symbols and of power. It once was not believed that women wanted such positions or were competent to hold them. Yet over the years more and more women have chosen and fought to enter these spheres, and they are demonstrating competence in many fields that were exclusively male dominated even though they still remain the minority.
This change in attitudes and acquisition of competence came as more and more women entered the labor force and the growing women’s movement proposed an ideology of equality emphasizing women’s commitment to work. That ideology had been reinforced by the focus on justice and equality which came to American society’s conscientiousness through the civil rights and students movements of the 1960s. Finally the legislation was of primary importance, especially the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which provided the legal basis for curbing discrimination on the basis of sex in work and education and for outlawing such discrimination in its most blatant forms. The law became the mechanism for change. It was effective tool for winning women’s entry into the male-dominated establishments and guaranteed the possibility of their success. ...

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