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Introduction. What is Crime? Crime. Types of Crime. Crimes Without Victims. Organized Crime and Hackers. Social and Economic Problems Caused by Crime. Conclusions. Reference (4).


Crime has been a growing problem all over the world in the last 30 years. Crimes involving stealing are the most popular, such as burglaries, shopliftings, pickpocket. Crimes of violence, when an attacker threatens or tries to apply violence. Murder, someone is killed intentionally. If the killing was not fully intentional, the crime is manslaughter. Illegal damaging other people’s property is called vandalism. Criminals use violence or threats to get money and so on. These are robberies, mugging, kidnapping, blackmail. Lots of crimes are connected with drugs and (quit a member of crimes is committed by people being drunk) under the influence of alcohol.
Some car crimes are not very serious, such as illegal parking, some are dangerous both for drivers and pedestrians – drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding. The number of crimes committed by people in business or in influential jobs is increasing: bribery, corruption, forgery, tax evasion. And finally crimes committed for political reasons: politically motivated killings, most leaders are afraid of assassination. The businessmen are taken hostage by terrorists while traveling in the Middle East. Hijacking of passenger planes can be heard now and then.
Crime has so many faces, and is perpetrated by people at so many different levels of our society that you may ask yourself what exactly it is. The answer is simple; crime is any activity in conflict with a just law - laws made to protect the citizens of this country and enforced by our Constitution. The task of fighting crime is becoming more complex, and therefore more challenging. Criminals are becoming more organized and sophisticated, operating with little regard for national boundaries. As organized crime becomes increasingly globalised, foreign criminal groups are extending their operations - something that affects every one of us. The South African Police Service therefore faces new challenges within the sophisticated international crime arena. To meet these demands, the SAPS are therefore upgrading the skills, competencies and capacity of its members and its ability to gather and use crime intelligence. ...

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